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Jus de Fruits Caraïbes launches connected packaging experience

David Murphy

French West Indies fruit juice company, Jus de Fruits Caraïbes, has partnered with creative technology studio Appetite Creative and food processing and packaging company Tetra Pak, to build a fun and interactive connected packaging experience which raises awareness about its sustainability credentials and gives back to the local community.

The smart packaging campaign, featuring Schweppes International’s exotic fruit drinks brand Banga, utilises a web app-based connected experience, accessed via QR codes. Users can play an entertaining game where they are encouraged to slice fruit to create fruit juice. Every time users play, a small donation is made to a local children’s charity.

The connected experience also contains a quiz to help customers understand how to recycle the drink cartons and to understand the brand better. It also features an education section, which explains the environmental benefits and how to use the new tethered caps, as well as outlining the positive environmental practices committed to by the juice brand. In addition to charity donations, quiz leaderboard winners can win Banga-branded prizes.

“We are proud to be the first local company to offer connected packaging thanks to the support of Tetra Pak. It was a new experience for us and Appetite Creative was able to support us with absolute professionalism,” said Cécile Bouvier, Director of Marketing R&D at Banga.

“We’re seeing more and more brands invest in connected experiences to help consumers become eco-minded and sustainable, and this campaign takes that one step further by doing good through incentivised charity donations,” added Jenny Stanley, Managing Director at Appetite Creative. “Jus de Fruits Caraïbes has made it easy and fun for consumers to recycle and give back to their local community – it’s a win for everyone,”

The web app tracks real-time interaction, such as buying habits, product preferences, average engagement time, location, scan rate, number of visitors, return visitors and social media shares, including GDPR-compliant personal data to enable the brand to optimise its marketing and better understand consumers.