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Kimtag Launches QR Window Stickers

Andy Penfold

Online 'connections hub' Kimtag has added window stickers of QR codes to its range of paid-for products. The stickers, which are aimed at retail locations and point-of-sale terminals, allow users to scan a code to get access to a range of customer touch points for the business in question. 

Kimtag allows users to set up a 'connections page' which lists and links to the user's complete range of contact methods - such as social networking profiles, website details, email or telephone number. Your Kimtag page can also link to photo slideshows or videos, or simply state a postal address. 

The connections page and QR code can be obtained for free from QR code stickers cost £2.35 per pack of 30, with discounts for larger orders. 

Kimtag also sells stickers with NFC capabilities, as well as dual NFC/QR stickers and 'designer' QR code stickers. Head to the Kimtag Store page to see the full range.