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Leanplum links up with Amplitude on hyper-targeted mobile campaigns

Tyrone Stewart

LeanplumMobile marketing engagement firm Leanplum has teamed up with Amplitude, which provides product analytics for web and mobile, to enable marketing teams to optimise their mobile marketing campaigns.

The partnership means that Leanplum users will be able to run personalised campaigns to different user personas across mobile marketing channels and then follow this up by tapping into Amplitude’s usage insights.

“Understanding the intricacy and diversity of user behaviour is key to driving successful campaigns,” said Ed Sullivan, SVP of global alliances & partnerships of Leanplum. “We’re delighted to partner with Amplitude to deliver an even stronger and more real-time analysis of how audiences engage with campaigns and in-app experiences for improved conversion, retention, adoption and feature roll-out.”

Through a dynamic feedback loop data can be transmitted between the two platforms. Leanplum’s data from mobile campaigns and A/B tests are exported into Amplitude’s platform, while lookalike audiences can be exported back into Leanplum’s platform.

 “The detailed behavioural insights into the full user experience journey we provide helps our customers rapidly build and improve digital products and grow their business,” said Tai Rattigan, VP of global partnerships at Amplitude. “Partnering with Leanplum enables us to expand upon our data-driven approach to product development by integrating insights into personalised multichannel campaigns for improved KPIs.”