M.A.C celebrates self-love with Spotify and TikTok

Gabby Fernie

To celebrate the launch of M.A.C UK & Ireland's Love Me Liquid Lipcolour, the cosmetics brand has teamed up with Spotify and TikTok in an integrated multi-media partnership.

Targeted at Gen Z and Millennial beauty lovers, TikTok and Spotify have joined forces to make M·A·C’s new ‘self-love’ campaign across both platforms an engaging, interactive, and seamless journey.

The brand has created an AR Branded Effect on TikTok that invites the community to show their true selves by showcasing four Love Me Liquid Lipcolour shades, whilst giving statement affirmations of self-love. The campaign will be supported by TopView, TikTok's most premium ad format and the first video users see when they open the app. 

On Spotify, M.A.C is sponsoring a bespoke bundle of playlists with tracks to uplift and empower listeners, including Confidence Boost, Feelin' Myself and Mood Booster. The activity is also supported with bespoke audio ads that focus on self-affirmations to help boost Spotify listeners' mood and self-love for themselves, as well as bespoke video content by TikTok creators.

Aligning with consumer sentiment, Spotify is recording significant up-tick in positive mood music listening, with an increase in streams of ‘carefree’, ‘optimistic’ and ‘joyful’ listening. Likewise, TikTok is seeing a considerable growth in trends that celebrate being and loving yourself, such as #selflove with 19.2bn views and #bodypositivity with 11.3bn views.

This latest partnership from M·A·C follows a year of innovative consumer solutions, which saw their Virtual Try On services and experiences – where consumers can try on over 800 products from home - available through M·A·C’s website on mobile.

“This is a pioneering partnership for the brand. A first in the category, it allows customers to have fun with self-expression and colour in a social and mobile-first way that spans multiple platforms” said Vice President General Manager of M.A.C UK & Ireland, Fiona Sainty.