Malibu targets young adults with influencer-led summer campaign

Tyrone Stewart

Malibu Games 2019For the second year running, rum-based coconut beverage brand Malibu is tapping into influencers around the world to target young adults in summer through ‘The Malibu Games’.

The campaign is designed to focus on daytime drinking, while addressing a change in consumer behaviour toward richer experiences and more moderate alcohol consumption, according to the Absolut Company-owned brand.

It features a series of videos shared by 32 influencers from nine countries, including comedian and model Hannah Stocking and Dominican recording artist Natti Natasha, who have all taken part in a variety of summer-inspired games. These videos will be shared throughout the summer and can also be followed via the hashtags #MalibuGames and #BecauseSummer, or on

“Our digital-first approach combined with influencer collaborations is what keeps Malibu front of mind with young adults. Instead of leading with our liquid’s credentials, we target our audience by taking them on a journey, looking for ways to insert Malibu into the experiences they crave and collect. The Malibu Games gives us a way to own a drinking occasion that is both locally and globally relevant,” said Monica Höhle, global marketing manager at Malibu.

“We’re on a mission to become a global icon of summer by creating experiences relevant to our consumers, we’re excited to launch The 2019 Malibu Games which is set to inspire our fans and recruit new consumers.”

The campaign generated 5.4m engagements, 155m video views, and 2.1m website visits in 2018. Last year’s ‘Because Summer’ campaign also saw Malibu deploy 300,000 connected bottles across the UK and Germany. These bottles enabled people to access a series of games, drinks recipes, and seasonal content.