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Marketers think media buyers are the ones responsible for brand safety

Tyrone Stewart

Breitbart John Lewis adAdvertisers say that media buyers are responsible for ensuring brand safety, though some have decided to take matter into their own hands.

According to a study by the CMO Council and Dow Jones, reported by eMarketer, 67 per cent of brand marketers hold media buying firms accountable for ensuring proper ad placement. To help, however, some advertisers are letting agencies and ad buying networks explicitly know what the correct brand message, identity and associations are, so they know what’s actually appropriate.

50 per cent of the marketers surveyed said they were developing guidelines for their agency and ad buying networks.

It was also found that consumers don’t respond very well to poorly placed ads. Two-thirds of consumers said they would no longer use a brand after a negative advertising experience, while more than 33 per cent said their perception of a brand changes if a brand’s ads appear on questionable sites.