MediaBrix Brings 100 per cent Viewable Solution to Europe

Tim Maytom

mediabrixCross-platform ad solution MediaBrix has expanded its operations to Europe, bringing its 100 per cent viewability-guaranteed campaigns to a new audience of marketers and brands, many of whom cite viewability and brand safety as growing concerns.

The company's new European office will aim to take advantage of the exponentially growing mobile ad spend that the UK and other European nations have witnessed in the past few years. Ryan Carter, newly-appointed Managing Director for the UK will head up operations in London.

"I'm very excited to be joining MediaBrix and bring a true mobile brand ad platform to the UK and European markets," said Carter. "The UK has a rich history in advertising and mobile as a part of that is becoming increasingly influential each year. I'm looking forward to giving brands and advertisers a rich and engaging mobile solution to not only complement but be at the focal point of brand campaign executions."

MediaBrix makes use a suite of proprietary engagement products to deliver dynamic and immersive brand messages, and has recently secured viewability verification from the Media Relations Council, and now guarantees 100 per cent viewable impressions on all brand campaigns.

"UK and European marketers are seeking a more effective way to reach their prospect on mobile devices in a manner that builds brand loyalty and establishes that human connection," said Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix. "As mobile ad spending continues to increase, so should brands' confidence that they are reaching their audience in a way the builds a connection, not disrupts them."