MEF Acts On Indonesian VAS Suspension

Alex Spencer

MEF is working with the Indonesian telecommunications regulator BRTI to clarify the compliance process relating to the Value Added Services (VAS) market in Indonesia, after all VAS subscription billing services were shut down by the Indonesian Ministry of Telecoms on 18 October.

All consumers were immediately unsubscribed from services, following widespread concern after media portrayals of some VAS services as 'credit theft'. This of course had a massive impact on the Indonesian VAS industry, effectively resetting the market to zero.

MEF met with members who have been directly affected by the Ministerial direction at The Next Billion Event in Jakarta, and also with the BRTI Commissioner, to discuss the situation. MEF says it will be working to identify and eliminate sources of consumer harm, and enforce best practice while reinstating legitimate services. It urges all members affected by the situation to contact MEF Asia General manager Linda Ruck or Policy & Initiatives manager Miranda Roberts here.