Microsoft Phases out Nokia Name on Smartphones

Tim Maytom

Nokia Lumia 1020Microsoft is to ditch the Nokia name on new smartphones, less than a year after acquiring the Finnish mobile manufacturer.

New Nokia Lumia smartphones will be known as Microsoft Lumia instead, despite the acquisition including an agreement that Microsoft can use the Nokia name on mobile products for up to 10 years. Nokia's non-mobile division, which is not owned by Microsoft, will continue to use the name as normal.

Microsoft's digital presence in several countries has already been updated to reflect the change, beginning with Nokia France's Facebook page. The page stated: "We are on the verge of becoming Microsoft Lumia", with more information to be shared soon.

A complete global rebranding will follow in the coming weeks. Microsoft is also replacing its 'Windows Phone' branding with Lumia.

Microsoft announced 18,000 job cuts in July, with 12,500 coming from staff taken on as part of the Nokia acquisition.