Middlesex University welcomes offerees with AR experience

Gabby Fernie

Middlesex University, London has partnered with marketing technology agency, Byte to create an innovative 'Map Your Future' augmented reality (AR) experience for those holding an offer of a place to study. 

The initiative is part of a strategy to encourage prospective students to accept their place at the Middlesex University. The web-based AR experience, which is available from today, lets offer holders explore their future with the university. 

‘Map Your Future’ starts with a piece of direct mail that is art-directed like a travel card. Once the direct mail’s QR code is scanned via a smartphone, offerees are greeted by pop up arrows that point in several directions, each taking users to a different virtual room that represents a specific area of university life.

The four rooms span careers, student life, support, and studies. The student life room, for example, lets users explore their student union and the diverse range of societies that Middlesex has to offer.

“Middlesex is always seeking to embrace emerging technology and be innovative. We are committed to improving the experience of prospective students as well as those who are already studying here" said Middlesex University's Head of Student Marketing & Campaigns, Arturs Krasnovs. "These are extremely challenging times, so it is essential to make the most of technology to help students make important decisions about where they want to study in the future.”