Mindshare releases fifth annual Mindshare Trends Report

Alyssa Clementi

Media agency Mindshare has released its fifth annual Mindshare Trends Report, which determines and analyzes the most applicable trends for brands in 2019, related to tech, culture, and media.

Mindshare said its most recent report has “uncovered the overarching theme of a public searching for control and information, against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty in the UK market.”

For Mindshare’s most comprehensive report to date, Mindshare’s Futures team conducted extensive consumer research over the span of three months, interviewing more than 6000 UK consumers. The research concluded with the five most prominent trends both providers and consumers can expect in 2019.  

Voice interfaces, the connected home, the rise of live-streaming, and virtual beings are some of the topics that arwe explored in the study . Mindshare’s Trends Report determined that consumers in the UK have veered toward preferring technology and innovations that are already accessible, over the anticipated technology of tomorrow. Consumers are now becoming “more familiarised with the concepts, challenges and opportunities at hand," the report says. 

“In the course of our research, we found that people are searching for genuine connections, realness, and knowledge with which to empower themselves against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty in the UK,” said Sophie Harding, trends and insight director at Mindshare UK. "Unlike previous years, 2019 does not look to be about shiny new technology. Instead, we’re seeing a shift towards getting to grips with the technology we have, grabbing hold of the reins as it becomes more embedded in our daily lives – bringing with it its own opportunities and consequences.”

The first key trend for 2019 is “Live and Kicking”, emphasizing the importance consumers feel toward experiencing live moments and connections. In a world where digital technology and social media platforms are constantly developing and expanding, consumers in the UK are shifting towards the need for real-life interactions. According to the Mindshare Trends Report: "42 per cent of 18 -34 year olds say they feel like they are missing out if they don’t watch shows or events as they happen".

“Look Who’s Talking” is the next key trend, focusing on technology that involves the spoken word.  There is an upward trend pertaining to the number of consumers who have adopted the use of podcasts, audiobooks, voice messaging, text to speech apps and voice assistants on smartphones or home devices.  According to the Mindshare Trends Report: "35 per cent of smart speaker owners say it feels like part of the family – rising to 47 per cent among parents".

Mindshare says that the “Mindful Media” trend means consumers are taking more control over their digital presence and becoming more cautious about the content or information they share through technology. In turn, media companies are adapting to develop safer and more secure products. According to the Mindshare Trends Report: "A third of people avoid the news these days because it’s all doom and gloom – rising to 42 per cent amongst Londoners".

For 2019, Mindshare is predicting a significant influx in the “Seconds Saved” trend, where consumers are using more technology that saves both time and hassle, pertaining to payment solutions and the connected home. According to the Mindshare Trends Report: "4 in 10 people say that tech that automates everyday tasks gives me time back to enjoy life – rising to 58 per cent for Londoners and 6 in 10 for parents".

The fifth trend, “Real or Replica”, says that consumers are steadily becoming more mistrusting and skeptical of social content and virtual entities, such as fake videos and voice assistants. According to the Mindshare Trends Report: "58 per cent of people agree that ‘it’s getting harder to separate what’s real and what’s not".

“As ever, our Futures team have worked tirelessly to produce a robust Trends Report for 2019 which gets to the heart of consumer perceptions, fears and desires for the year ahead," said Mindshare UK CEO,  Helen McRae. "With more consumer research included than ever before, this year’s Trends Report really puts people at the centre of our strategic planning for 2019. Given the unprecedented depth of consumer insight within the report, our findings will be instrumental in delivering on our audience-first proposition for clients, unlocking growth for them in the year ahead.”