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Mobile Master Updated

David Murphy

Jumping Bytes, which specialises in mobile phone administration and SMS communication, has unveiled two new versions of its Mobile Master data synchronisation tool for different target groups: Mobile Master 7.3 und Mobile Master Forensic.
Originally conceived only for data alignment between Siemens mobile phones and Outlook, today, the Mobile Master software offers a complete solution for the synchronization of contact, scheduling and task data between all standard mobile phone models from BenQ Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, LG or Samsung, and the most frequently used email clients or contact management programs, like Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Tobit David, Novell Groupwise, and many others.
Mobile Master 7.3 includes support for the new Samsung SGH-F490, DECT phones from Siemens, and, on the email client side, Portable Thunderbird from Mozilla.
Among the many new functions, the Remote Control function gives users remote control functionality for PCs using their mobile via Bluetooth. Additionally, all birthdays stored in the phone contacts can be added to the phone calendar with one click. On Nokia models, the notepad in contacts is now also supported, as is the synchronization function for the Samsung SGH-D880 calendar.
Mobile Master Forensic is a new solution. Mobile phones are being used more and more to preserve evidence: the police use so-called IMSI catchers to determine the position, card number (IMSI) and device number of mobile phones. Once investigating agencies take possession of a potential perpetrators mobile phone, they can use forensic software to read and analyze data on the phone. An SMS with the corresponding content or an answered call shortly before the time a crime was committed could take investigators one step further.
We had numerous requests from a variety of governmental agencies for a special version of Mobile Master which is not capable of modifying data on cell phones, reports Christoph Gntner, Managing Director of Jumping Bytes. In Mobile Master Forensic, we combine structured reports for rapid analysis with the softwares usual ease of use.
When using Mobile Master Forensic, investigators have immediate access to everything done on the phone. The IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) numbers let investigators precisely identify the phones owner and the phone itself. As soon as Mobile Master Forensic accesses the phone, the data on the phone can be read, but not manipulated.
For further evaluation, the phone data can be generated and exported as reports in Word, Excel, PDF, or text format. Templates are available for all formats, which can be adapted to meet user requirements or completely modified.
Mobile Master 7.3 can be downloaded here. The 30-day test version is a full version with one limitation: it can load a maximum of 20 phone book entries from PC to the phone. Mobile Master can be bought online in a light (9.90/7.65), standard (19.90) orĀ  professional (29.90) version, or in a corporate edition, which costs 35.90. Updates are provided free-of-charge for a period of one year for registered customers.
A demo licence for Mobile Master Forensic can be requested at
The 30-day test version is a fully-functional trial version that is limited only in the volume of readable data. Mobile Master Forensic is available for 299 (plus VAT) here.
You can see a complete feature list with integrated feature tour here. And a list of supported mobile phones for all editions here.