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Cristina Cheetah

After sitting on a mobile panel at the Cannes Festival of Creativity last week, Cheetah Mobile VP Cristina Constandache shares her thoughts and predictions on the four areas that advertisers need to focus on to ensure mobile success this year.

In-app advertising
We all know the numbers, the scale at which mobile internet is now used. One of the latest predictions by IDC is that by the end of 2016 there will be around 2bn mobile internet users worldwide, and Cheetah Mobile’s own research shows that mobile phone users spend 89 per cent of their time on smartphones in-app. From listening to music on Spotify to my Gett Taxi ride home in the evening, I know this to be personally true too.

Our research also shows that mobile users engage on average 39 times a month globally with apps. All of the evidence confirms that in-app advertising should now be an integral part of any media campaign. It just can’t be ignored because of a fear of the unknown in metrics, tracking of format. With the Cannes Festival igniting the creative flame in all of us, the challenge is there to embrace in-app advertising as a creative opportunity. We have to be in it to win it, as they say.

Those brands that do engage with in-app advertising have profited from a powerful pool of user information. Our latest study found that 71 per cent of mobile users expect ads to be relevant and personalised to their general interests and behaviours, making apps the perfect partner to deliver this. The data gives advertisers an accurate picture of what people might need at any given moment. This allows for hypertargeting, resulting in ads that are truly relevant.

Native ads
Native ads are one of the biggest success stories of mobile advertising in recent times. Our study shows that users engage with native ads 8-10 time more than they do with any other types of ad unit. And the use of native is on the rise in-app too. As a timely, relevant and non-intrusive format, that increases the user’s ‘lifetime value’ by 2-3 times more than any other ad format, we recommend experimenting with this in the second half of 2016 if you haven’t already.

Video ads
Video is the beating heart of mobile. This is instinctively where consumers are viewing video content. More than that, however, recent IAB research finds that 48 per cent of consumers use mobile apps to view video, while only 18 per cent of users stream video through the mobile web. And existing video content can be easily optimised for mobile, making it one of the easiest ways to build an in-app campaign.

A bit like with gaming, advertisers and agencies are never going to move up to the next level unless they try things out and learn from both successes and failures. But the evidence speaks for itself, and both mobile and in-app advertising are simply a no-brainer.

This sponsored article was written by Cristina Constandache, VP business partnerships at Cheetah Ad Platform, and is editorially independent from Mobile Marketing Magazine