MobPartner Launches MobSearch to Help Monetise In-App Search

Tim Maytom

MobSearch-in-actionPerformance-based mobile advertising and monetisation platform MobPartner has launched a native mobile advertising unit, MobSearch, aimed at helping developers monitise their in-app search functions.

MobSearch will deliver relevant app suggestions below an app's search field in real time as users input their queries, occupying what was previously unused space within the app. It uses a predictive text algorithm to deliver a contextually useful ad, based on the user's characteristics and the text they enter into the search field.

"Imagine you're searching your favourite news app for the latest World Cup scores," said Vianney Settini, founder and chief product officer of MobPartner. "With MobSearch as you start entering 'World Cup' it would serve a suggestion to download the official world cup app instantaneously directly below the search box.

"The key to MobSearch is serving ads for apps that are relevant to the user and maintaining a positive user experience. MobSearch's algorithm matches the text a user is typing into the search field with relevant keywords and important identifying information such as user profile, location, and so on, to deliver a recommendation the user will appreciate."