MWC - The Social Media View

Alex Spencer

We've had the analyst's view, and the visitor's view – but what did the Tweeting public think about this year's Mobile World Congress? Having analysed the 442,000 mentions of MWC across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and boards – with an estimated total readership of 33m, social media analytics company Integrasco is here to break it down for us.

Not surprisingly, Android owned the show, accounting for more than 77 per cent of buzz around OS. Windows Phone – despite the unveiling of Windows 8 -  dragged behind with 14 per cent. Symbian, meanwhile, generated only 5 per cent of social media mentions – only a single percentage point more than Apple, which – as ever – had no presence at MWC..

The handset which received the most attention during the event was Nokia’s 808 PureView, with the HTC One X, voted best smartphone at the show, ranking as the second most talked about handset during the week.

Connectivity, Screen, Storage and Hardware specifications have been key topics in general mobile conversations during MWC, with LTE, HD, dual core, quad core and cloud storage being natural buzz drivers in these categories.