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N26 launches AR effect to challenge gender imbalance on banknotes

Tyrone Stewart

Mobile bank N26 has launched a campaign to #BalanceTheBanknotes, highlighting the lack of representation of women on cash. At the heart of the campaign is an augmented reality (AR) effect to shine light on the issue.

With just 12 per cent of globally circulating banknotes featuring a woman – and that’s despite Queen Elizabeth II appearing on every note in the Commonwealth – the German neobank has teamed up with creative technologist Ommy Akhe of Autonommy and Facebook to launch the ‘Balance the Banknotes’ AR effect in the US and Europe.

Users can open the filter on Instagram or Facebook and hold up any €5, €10, $1, $5, or $10 note/bill to their phone’s camera. The user can then watch as the male on the banknote morphs into a pioneering woman, from Rosa Parks to Emmy Noether to Emilia Pardo Bazán. Alternatively, a Google image can be scanned instead.

N26 will promote the campaign across its Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook channels.