New social media app 'Lessgo' launches

Gabby Fernie

Lessgo, a new British-born app, soft launched yesterday with some of the most prominent social influencers in the UK.

The new social platform allows users to easily arrange small, local meetups in their local area with likeminded people. Users can invite friends, arrange private or public meet-ups, and share photos and videos during and after the event has taken place.

Lessgo took the most popular features people use to arrange meetups from but built them all on one platform.

For example, existing apps like Facebook don’t allow users to browse meetups for casual activities. Lessgo can be used for a meetup, be it a bike ride, park run, drinks at the local pub, or a chat over coffee with a group from work. The app will also introduce calendar integration and a group chat that expires after the meetup takes place.

The two co-founders behind the start-up have created Lessgo in less than a year, after experiencing first-hand what it feels like to move to a new city and how hard it is to meet like minded people.

Popular Youtuber Kate Elizabeth is one of the influencers participating in the soft launch, by inviting her 520 thousand subscribers to join Lessgo and watch one of her first outdoor meetups with friends since lockdown was lifted.

“Naturally our social lives tend to stem from our family, education, or work situations, and very rarely do we ever get the chance to pursue social interactions otherwise. If people want to go out and try something new there's not really an easy way to find people for that right now. Lessgo is here to change that, and we hope to enable at least 100K meet-ups in the first 12 months” said Co-Founder and CEO of Lessgo, Osama Rama.