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News Corp signs global news partnership with Google

Tyrone Stewart

News Corp has penned a three-year deal with Google, joining the search giant’s recently introduced ‘News Showcase’ hub.

The News Corp publications joining Google’s hub are The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, and the New York Post; in the UK: The Times and The Sunday Times, and The Sun; and, in Australia, a range of news platforms including The Australian,, Sky News, and multiple metropolitan and local titles.

Under multi-year partnership, there will also be a subscription platform developed, the sharing of ad revenue via Google’s ad technology services, the development of audio journalism, and investments into video journalism by YouTube.

Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, said that the deal would have “a positive impact on journalism around the globe as we have firmly established that there should be a premium for premium journalism.

“I would like to thank Sundar Pichai and his team at Google who have shown a thoughtful commitment to journalism that will resonate in every country. This has been a passionate cause for our company for well over a decade and I am gratified that the terms of trade are changing, not just for News Corp, but for every publisher.