Now its ROK on Microsoft

David Murphy

Imate_jam305mbROK Corporation  has revealed that its ROK Player application is now available for Microsoft-powered PDA handsets. ROK Player plays back content stored on ROK Digital Video Chips. Initially, the service was available only on a dozen Nokia Symbian-powered handsets, but earlier this month, ROK announced that it had added seven Sony-Ericsson handsets to the list of compatible devices. The addition of Microsoft-powered PDAs means that ROK Player will now work with a majority of currently-available Smartphones.   
ROK has licensed a library of content, including classic BBC comedy series Little Britain, The League of Gentlemen, The Office and Red Dwarf, full-length feature films, music video albums and cartoons. The Digital Video Chips are available to purchase online at the ROK Player website, and at a growing number of mobile phone shops across the UK.
Making ROK Digital Video Chips compatible with Microsoft handsets is a massive development for ROK Player says ROK Entertainment Chairman and CEO, Jonathan Kendrick. "Now that we have Microsoft as well as Symbian, we are compatible with around 70% of all smartphones currently being sold.
Last month, ROK was awarded a patent for the Digital Video Chips, which covers the storage of DRM-protected (Digital Rights Management-protected)  audio-visual content on memory cards for playback on mobile phones.

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