Official: UK is Europe’s Top Facebook Nation

Kirsty Styles

facebooklogoNew data from Facebook reveals for the first time the relative usage of the social network across a number of key European markets.

The UK pips Sweden to the post as Europe’s top Facebook nation, where the most people per head of the population are Facebook users, at 52.2 per cent, compared to 51.5 per cent in the Nordic country.

Proportionally, Swedes are the biggest users of Facebook on mobile, with 81.6 per cent of its monthly users checking their profile on the go. But with a population of just over 9.5m people, compared to the UK’s 63.2m, they don't come away with the largest total number of users.

Although many of the countries are yet to tip over 50 per cent Facebook usage and would appear to offer room for growth, one might assume that Facebook has reached saturation in these markets. Germans remain clearly risk-averse to Facebook use, with less than a third of people signing up to the site.

The data was originally released to Facebook partners but TechCrunch managed to get hold of a copy of the full report.

The Top 8


Population: 63.2
Monthly Active Users: 33m
% of population on Facebook: 52.2 per cent
Monthly Active Mobile Users: 26m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 78.8 per cent


Population: 9.5m
MAU: 4.9m
% of pop. on Facebook: 51.5 per cent
MAMU: 4m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 81.6 per cent


Population: 7.9m
MAU: 3.8m
% of pop. on Facebook: 48.1 per cent
MAMU: 2.9m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 76.3 per cent


Population: 74m
MAU: 33m
% of pop. on Facebook: 44.6 per cent
MAMU: 20m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 60.6 per cent


Population: 67.5m
MAU: 26m
% of pop. on Facebook: 39.6 per cent
MAMU: 17m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 65.4 per cent


Population: 47.3m
MAU: 18m
% of pop. on Facebook: 38.1 per cent
MAMU: 13m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 72.2 per cent


Population: 60.9m
MAU: 23m
% of pop. on Facebook: 37.8 per cent
MAMU: 16m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 69.6 per cent


Population: 81.9m
MAU: 25m
% of pop. on Facebook: 30.5 per cent
MAMU: 18m
% of Facebook users on mobile: 72 per cent