Online competition platform encourages influencers to host giveaways to aid NHS

Alyssa Clementi

Online competition platform, Raffall, is reaching out to social media influencers and celebrities to use its SaaS to help raise money for the NHS, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Using Raffall, influencers are able to set up an organized raffle with a prize of their choice, then encourage followers to sign up and register for the competition. Raffall will sell and keep track of all ticket sales, and then randomly select a winner for the competition.

At any given time, competition hosts and participants can view how many raffle tickets have been sold, but hosts do not have access to ticket revenue until the winner confirms they have received the prize. Raffall is suggesting influencers and celebrities raffle off prices similar to an “influencer-giveaway” package, saying that all proceeds will go to NHS charities to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

“During such a difficult time for so many, our platform provides a great opportunity for influencers, brands and individuals to make a positive difference,” said Stelios Kounou, CEO and founder, Raffall. “In the present environment, physical fundraising is difficult, but Raffall solves this by creating a safe, secure and simple solution for hosting competitions that can reach far larger audiences online.

“We’re delighted to see so many people using our platform for good, and we believe that, while we’ve seen a massive 870% growth already, many more people could be getting involved. At a time when many charities need help, Raffall gives people a chance to win exciting prizes as opposed to simply asking them to donate.”

Alana Heaton, head of partnerships at Raffall, added: “Using Raffall means brands and influencers can offer personal products and experiences which, while being of little value to them, can help generate tens of thousands of pounds for charity. I am excited to see the positive difference we can make using our innovative technology.”