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Opera Mediaworks and Viggle Introduce Add-to-DVR Adverts

Tim Maytom

shutterstock_123894493Ad platform Opera Mediaworks has worked with entertainment marketing and rewards platform Viggle to develop mobile ad technology that enables consumers viewing ads from TV networks to add programs to their DVR directly from the ad.

The ad unit, adapted from Viggle's Reminder technology, enables TV network advertisers to offer a brand-new call to action as part of their mobile campaigns, communicating with a consumer's DVR in real time to set up a recording.

The technology is one of the first to tap into the idea of the connected home for entertainment advertisers, and will first be deployed as a pilot campaign for a live broadcast event on a major US TV network in the near future.

"When DVRs were first introduced, they were seen as a threat to TV advertisers, because they allowed users to skip ads," said Scott Swanson, president of global advertising sales at Opera Mediaworks. "As with so many new technologies, however, the story isn't over on the role DVR's can play in advertising, and we see this as a tremendous opportunity.

"The Add-to-DVR ad unit enables networks to promote and drive consumers to view their programming easily, right from the ad itself. With a simple click on a banner advertisement, a user can engage Add-to-DVR to effectively initiate a 'record' button right then and there."