The Future of Mobile

Oracle Introduces Communications Policy Controller

Alex Spencer

Oracle has announced the release of Oracle Communications Policy Controller, which which the company claims will provide advanced network control capabilities to help CSPs - communications service providers - better manage the explosion in network data usage.

CSPs can optimise data usage and ensure a fair allocation of network resources by expanding or contracting bandwidth as appropriate based on customer subscriptions and service aware policies. Oracle Communications Policy Controller's features will include network usage-sensitive pricings and data plans offered in units that are meaningful to customers, such as hours of streaming music or number of movies downloaded. Oracle promises a “comprehensive, integrated and flexible policy management product”, emphasising the contrast with competing services which require extensive bandwidth to operate properly.

Global IP traffic reached 3GB per capita in 2010, a rise of 1GB since 2009, fuelled by the rapid adoption of network-enabled devices, including smartphones. Cisco has forecast that worldwide mobile data traffic will increase 26-fold by 2015, in excess of the figures provided by an Ericsson report yesterday. Highlights from the Cisco VNI Forecast are available here.