Orange and Barclaycard Launch Contactless Credit Card

David Murphy

Orange and Barclaycard have launched a joint contactless credit card which offers customers the option to set their own spending levels and a choice in how they are kept up-to-date with their account. Orange says the Orange Credit Card is the first card to give customers this level of control over their account. It also provides customers with a range of rewards, as well as the ability to make easier and faster purchases of 10 and under using contactless technology.
The launch of the Orange Credit Card with contactless technology, budget manager and spend controls is the latest step in Orange and Barclaycards long-term strategic partnership aimed at introducing a broad range of mobile, financial and payment services to evolve the way consumers make payment transactions in the UK.
The new card offers automated SMS alerts, with weekly alerts on the balance, limit and credit remaining, and monthly alerts relating to payments due and received. Customers can also set alerts and blocks on card spend online, abroad or for high value transactions.
Customers will earn one Orange Credit Card reward point for every 1 spent, which can be redeemed online or by phone. These can be exchanged for vouchers that customers can spend at high street shops including Marks & Spencer and HMV, or used as discounts on Orange products and services bought through Orange shops from discounts on new phones to mobile accessories. The points can also be used towards tickets for trips and special events, such as mountain biking, the Glastonbury festival, or  dry slope skiing lesson. Or users can donate their points to charity.
We are seeing demand from both retailers and customers for ever more convenient ways to pay and accept payment, and believe that mobile and contactless technologies are key to meeting those needs, says Barclaycard Managing Director, Chris Wood. This announcement shows how, in partnership with Orange, Barclaycard is starting to make mobile contactless payments a step closer for UK consumers.