The Future of Mobile

Orange Customers Snap To It

David Murphy

SNAPin Software,  which delivers self-service software for mobile phones, has revealed  that Orange UK  is trialling of its SNAPin SelfService  product suite among its customers. Orange UK is interested in the softwares ability to increase user adoption of services, and to add a new way for customers to self-diagnose issues relating to their handsets and personal accounts.
The SNAPin SelfService product suite can intercept and resolve most customer care calls with interactive, handset-based software; automatically configure the devices network and service settings, proactively restoring them if they ever become set incorrectly; deliver personalised step-by-step instructions to users on how to use advanced services, such as photo messaging, music downloads, and mobile TV; allow customer service representatives to remotely troubleshoot mobile devices over-the-air; and remotely collect network performance data from each device, conducting real-world drive tests by reporting on actual usage.
Were focused on delivering a seamless customer service experience says Tim Atkinson, Senior Device Requirements Manager for Orange UK. Early signs show that SNAPin gives us tremendous flexibility when delivering that experience on mobile devices, and we look forward to completing the customer trial.
There's no word yet on when the trial starts, or on how long it will last.