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Oskar Illustration launches interactive art initiative

Gabby Fernie

Art agency, Oskar Illustration has partnered with immersive production studio, Visualise and support organisation NABS to launch an interactive art initiative to promote mental wellbeing. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, over half of the adult population in the UK felt anxious or worried towards the end of 2020. While anxiety caused by the stress of the pandemic has declined from 62 per cent in March 2020 to 42 per cent in late February 2021, research shows that nature has played a crucial role with 45 per cent of the UK population saying that being in green space has been vital for their mental health.

Designed to 'bring the outdoors in', five of Oskar Illustration's leading contemporary artists have created bespoke posters with an uplifting nature theme. 

To bring these works to life, Visualise has created an augmented reality experience, allowing people to watch the illustrations come to life in their own homes. 

A limited number of exclusive posters will be going on sale live on the Oskar illustrations website for one day only. All the proceeds will be donated to NABS to support its efforts in creating a better and healthier environment for the entire advertising and media industry. 

“At Oskar Illustration we believe that art can not only support more creative advertising campaigns, but that it can also be an essential instrument for a better quality of life in the industry,” said Founder of Oskar Illustration, Oli Roberts. “We are really excited to be able to support NABS' cause with some of the brilliant and totally unique works from Oskar illustration artists, while also providing something for everyone to enjoy with an amazing AR experience that not only brings the images to life, but also brings hope for life after lockdown.”