Oxfam GB launches world's first RCS donation campaign

David Murphy

Oxfam GB, the British arm of the charity focused on the alleviation of global poverty, has launched the world’s first RCS (Rich Communication Services) mobile donation campaign, in partnership with mGage. The charity said that already, within weeks of launch, the channel is proving to be more popular than traditional card payments.

Incorporating the payment/donation mechanic within the RCS channel enables the charity's supporters to make a donation without being bumped on to a separate payment platform, reducing the steps between the call to action and conversion. The payment process also includes a ‘Verified Sender’ feature to build trust between the charity and donors. Accompanied by branding, users can be assured that a message sent to them is legitimate, protecting against fraud and the reputation of the sender.

“We are engaging with our supporters in a completely new way thanks to this innovative rich messaging channel, which allows for more choice and tailored, flexible content embedded directly into mobile messages,” said Drew Hickling, Supplier Relationship Manager, at Oxfam GB. “Working with mGage we have created an RCS and Mobile Billing flow that provides a simple and seamless experience for our supporters with increased levels of potential engagement.”

There’s more information in a video here.