Phonevalley Celebrates Lacoste Campaign Success

David Murphy

Mobile marketing agency Phonevalley
has released details of a successful recent mobile campaign for the
relaunch of ‘Lacoste Touch of Pink’, the fragrance for women from
Procter & Gamble brand, Lacoste, run in conjunction with Starcom
and Mediacom.
To raise consumer awareness of Lacoste Touch of
Pink, Phonevalley created a mobile campaign featuring a bespoke mobile
Internet site decked out in the colours of the fragrance. Visitors to
the site could request a free sample, enter a competition to win a
Lacoste Touch of Pink boxed set, send a love message by MMS, download
the TV ad and wallpaper, and discover more about the fragrance.
also designed a media plan to drive high levels of traffic to the site
in the run-up to Valentine's Day. The schedule included banners on
major women's anchor sites and WAP Push messages containing a  link to
the site, focused on a target group of women aged between 18 and 25.
says the media campaign produced excellent results. Over 55,000 people
visited the site in the space of a month. 10,000 ordered the free
sample or entered the competition (including 68% of opt-in contacts),
representing a conversion rate of 18%. The banner campaign produced an
average click rate of over 6%. And the WAP Push messages generated a
clickthrough rate of almost 12%.
Phonevalley also ran a
post-campaign trial among 10,000 contacts from the campaign, and found
that 94% were in favour of receiving perfume advertisements over their
mobile phone. 74% said they were considering buying the fragrance in
the weeks following the campaign.
“We are very proud to have lent
our mobile marketing expertise to the teams at Procter & Gamble,”
says Alexandre Mars, CEO of Phonevalley and Head of Mobile at parent
company Publicis Groupe. “We have always maintained that mobile-based
communication was all the more powerful, since it was well targeted and
delivered a real service to mobile users. We are pursuing this
particular approach and offering major brand names targeted mobile
marketing strategies, always geared towards the media.”
Raphaël Roy, Media Manager at Procter & Gamble, adds:
campaign confirms the idea that users see mobile phones as a means of
exchanging and forging close relations with their brands. It also
teaches us that mobile phones should be considered as a way of
involving consumers and getting them to play along.”