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Pinterest launches the Today tab to share global trending activities

Alyssa Clementi

Pinterest has announced the launch of its new Today tab, which will keep Pinners updated on the most popular global trends, in categories such as indoor activities, entertainment, crafts, cooking, and more. Pinterest said the launch of the Today tab was fast-tracked to help citizens in isolation or self-quarantine find helpful tips and activities to do while in their homes. This past weekend, Pinterest commented that the platform saw an all-time high in activity, mostly due to Pinners looking for inspiration during the COVID-19 crisis.

The new Today tab will feature expert information from the NHS, the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control pertaining to good personal hygiene and health tips. The Today tab will also highlight popular tv and movie content, kid-friendly crafts and cooking, and more in-home activities based on what’s trending globally. The new compassionate search feature will also offer mental health insights from professionals.

“In the past few weeks, searches for “calming quotes” doubled and “stress relief” and "stress quotes" have tripled, and so we’ve also launched compassionate search on web, to make the mental wellness feature available on all platforms,” said Pinterest in a blog post. “That means when you search for terms like “stress relief” from your desktop computer or phone, you’ll see the options to check out a collection of emotional wellbeing activities to help relax and feel better with content from emotional health experts.”

Pinterest has also announced the platform will prohibit ads for unfounded “cures” or treatments for COVID-19, as well as remove any inaccurate information about the virus. Pinterest will also be begin displaying a banner across the app, which will direct Pinners to NHS and WHO facts.