Proxama Wins Funding to 'Re-Imagine The High Street'

Tim Maytom

croppedimage960280-royal-arcadeProximity marketing specialist Proxama has been awarded funding from the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, as part of their 'Re-Imagine The High Street' competition.

Proxama will be using the funding to work with local businesses in Norwich to drive footfall and engagement in the city centre, utilising the latest in beacon and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. The project in Norwich will act as a pilot, with the potential for a national and global roll out.

The project aims to validate the role of mobile proximity services for high street retailers through to national chains, using mobile technology and 'Proximity Engagement Points' such as NFC tags, QR codes and Bluetooth beacons. Once the technology is in place, Norwich shoppers will be able to discover and purchase new products as well as sign up for incentives such as coupons, discounts and loyalty services.

"Businesses are striving for new audiences and to be able to engage with consumers in a way that is relevant and personalised," said Miles Quitmann, CCO at Proxama. "This exciting project connects a consumer's smartphone, which on average they view 150 times a day, with the high street, by alerting shoppers with incentives from participating businesses."

"The prospect of Norwich being at the forefront of innovative smartphone development will position it as one of the UK's first 'Connected Retail' cities, future proofing the high street for its consumers and businesses," said Stefan Gurney, executive director of Norwich BID. "Norwich is a creative and vibrant technology city and partnering with Proxama will open up Norwich to new opportunities and really put our fabulous city on the map."