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Remote Mobile Monitor Launched

David Murphy

45_degree_smFonetechnology has announced the launch of the IRIS camera. Its the worlds first network-independent wireless standalone camera that sends live video to a mobile phone. According to the company, it enables users to connect live to the IRIS colour camera from their mobile phone without the requirement for a PC, internet account, or any technical knowledge. IRIS works with 2.5G and 3G handsets.
IRIS can be used for any type of remote monitoring application, including home or office security, monitoring valuable possessions such as a car or boat, or for monitoring a fleet of vehicles.
In alarm mode, the IRIS camera continually monitors for movement. If movement is detected, the camera automatically uploads video of the event to a secure server. The user is then alerted of an activation via SMS and can view the recording on their mobile phone. The IRIS camera has a standard integrated GPRS SIM card integrated, making set up and deployment as easy as a phone call, according to Fonetechnology.
Using police-approved security checks, including secure PIN code access, the system allows from one to thousands of mobiles to dial in simultaneously into the same camera. IRIS is being made available through mobile phone network outlets, electrical retail channels and in some instances through white label arrangements with international brands.
We have been delighted by demand all around the world and with a GSM/GPRS SIM card in each camera and 3G variants being released later this year, we expect IRIS to soon be the largest deployment of wireless data in the world says Fonetechnology Chairman Mike Moses.
Fonetechnology is the joint venture between electrical distributor Bridisco and wireless multimedia company Pedagog.