Report Analyses HSDPA Prospects

David Murphy

Analyst Visiongain has released HSDPA 2006-2011: Market Analysis and Forecasts which looks at the prospects for HSDPA take-up in the next five years.
With 29 commercial HSDPA launches as of June 2006, and at least a further 32 live networks expected by the end of 2006, Visiongain expects accelerated momentum in 2007 onwards as the benefits of HSDPA lure investments from 3G operators. The report considers how HSDPA services are priced in comparison to other broadband offerings; the device timeline for HSDPA; and the effect this will have on deployments?
The report says that mobile operators plan to deploy HSDPA in an effort to offer users a true mobile broadband experience and to compete more effectively with DSL service providers. HSDPA, the report says, will enable these operators to provide advanced multimedia and content services, and in the process deliver on the promise of 3G. But while HSDPA upgrades are a logical course of action for most operators, Visiongain  warns that operators should still carefully evaluate their strategies with the technology and recognise its limitations, concluding that HSDPA does not come without risks.
The 50-page report provides an update on the status of HSDPA worldwide, examining the opportunities HSDPA provides for operators, vendors and consumers. The report details the HSDPA deployment schedules of operators in different regions, and discusses the evolution of high-speed data beyond HSDPA. HSDPA's positioning with DSL, WiMAX and other BWA solutions is also analysed. In addition, it highlights currently available HSDPA devices and handset roadmaps, as well as key issues and challenges for mobile operators looking to launch HSDPA services.
The report considers, and answers, questions such as: What are the typical strategies for deployment? What lessons can be learned from existing HSDPA launches? When will HSDPA handsets arrive in volume and what effect will ASPs have on service uptake? What costs does HSDPA entail and what should operators consider when deciding on their business plan? Which applications will benefit most from HSDPA? What is necessary to ensure that HSDPA improves the user experience?
The report costs 999 for a Single-user copy, GBP1,999 for a departmental (5-user) copy, and 2,999 for a company copy, allowing company-wide access and Intranet use on CD-Rom and PDF.
To order a copy of the report, email: ben.radford@visiongaingroup.com  or click here.