Report Examines Use of Mobile Tech in Healthcare

David Murphy

Doctor_and_pdaAnalyst Juniper Research has published a report into the use of mobile and wireless technologies in healthcare throughout Western Europe and North America. The report, Mobile Healthcare - Opportunities & Strategies for Wireless Technologies & Applications examines the roles and applications that can benefit from mobility. It considers present and future methods for addressing needs at every technological level, from hardware devices and software applications, to integration issues, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities that mobile and wireless technology offer the healthcare sector.
The report includes forecasts for usage for the next five years, including forecasts for present and upcoming key technologies. It considers payment models for primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare; core issues in service delivery; key processes in healthcare services and those benefiting from mobile technology; and wireless technology and implementation in addressing specific goals.
The Technology Sector Focus looks at improving the efficiency of care provision, current and future devices; sector specific software, integration; and security requirements.
In all, the report includes over 22 pages of market sizing & forecasts, 22 pages on mobile devices, and 21 pages on key roles and applications.
For more information, or to order a copy, visit the Juniper Research website.