Report Focuses on the Indian Content Opportunity

David Murphy

Mobile research firm, mobileSQUARED, has released its latst report, 'India: Birth of a mobile content superpower 2009 2013. The report examines the Indian mobile content market, assessing the market challenges, barriers to growth, and key opportunities for companies intent on capitalising on the Indian marketplace.
Mobile data in India was worth a fraction over US$2 billion (1.25 billion) in 2008, and like the other BRIC nations, China, Russia and Brazil, it is the potential of the Indian marketplace that has sparked a furore within the wireless world, the report notes.
This projected development comes despite a background of delayed 3G deployment, with most licenses for 3G spectrum not due to be issued until late 2009. Most of the leading operators are committed to aggressively rolling out the technology, with a lowering of data access costs essential to the ongoing development of the content market. Meanwhile, the market for Value Added Services (VAS) is also being stimulated by saturated teledensity in urban circles.
However, the report says, the content market in India is at risk of being stymied by operators, who take the lions share of revenues from mobile entertainment sales. It is a policy that is undermining content providers business models, despite the rapid growth in subscriptions. Regardless of these limitations, the next five to 10 years will see a huge uptake in content services in India as subscriber numbers soar past 700 million.
The report costs 300/340/$500 fior a single-user licence, including an Analyst on Call service: when you buy the report, mobileSQUARED will answer your questions for free for six months, including any updates to the report.
Theres more information about the report here.