ROK on Sony Ericsson

David Murphy

Seric_w800_front_side_highROK TV has announced that its cross-network, 2.5G Mobile TV service, is now available on seven Sony Ericsson, Java-powered handsets, in addition to the 12 Nokia handsets which can already receive the service. The addition of the Sony Ericsson phones means that ROK TV-compatible handsets now account for 35% of all smartphones currently being sold in the UK, according to the company.
The handsets are the Sony Ericsson K750i, D750i, K600, K608i, W550i, W60iI and W800i (pictured).
ROK TV currently has over 2,500 subscribers to what it describes as: The worlds first network-agnostic, mass-market 2.5G and 3G, multi-channel, full-screen TV-for-Mobile service.
Even on 2.5G GPRS, ROK TV plays at a higher frame-rate than most, if not all, existing 3G TV offerings says ROK Marketing Director, Bruce Renny.
ROK Entertainment Chairman and CEO Jonathan Kendrick adds:
"Were adding new handsets to our compatibility list every week, as we are with new content for ROK TV both live and on-demand but whats really exciting for us is not that content is King, its rather that the application of content is King.
The ROK TV subscription service starts at 0.99p per channel per month and can be downloaded from the ROK TV  website.
In addition to the Sony vEricsson handsets, ROK TV is also compatible with the Nokia 6680, 3230, 6670, 6260, 6630, 7610, 6600, 6681, N70 and N90.