Samsung unveils its foldable smartphone

Tyrone Stewart

Samsung foldable phoneThe idea of a folding Samsung phone has been in the air for a while, the company first opening up about the device last month. Now, the electronics giant has unveiled its smartphone/tablet hybrid for the first time.

Samsung has dubbed its foldable smartphone technology as the ‘Infinity Flex Display’. The device features a standard smartphone-like cover display which can then be opened out into a main 7.3-inch tablet display.

Alongside the display technology, Samsung introduced a new interface design called ‘One UI’. This is designed to keep the most relevant content in the bottom half of the screen. Meanwhile, up to three apps can be run simultaneously on the folding device using Samsung’s ‘multi active window’.

Google has also officially announced support for foldable devices – both in their two-screen and one-screen variants – through its Android mobile operating system. It is working closely with Samsung to get developers involved in creating for this foldable revolution.

News of foldable devices isn’t exactly a new thing. Huawei is said to be planning to release of its own foldable in mid-2019, while Lenovo, Xiaomi, and LG are all working variations of foldable products. They’ve all been beaten to the punch, however, by Chinese display maker Royole, which is set to start taking orders on its foldable Android phone in late December.