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Samsung Unveils Tizen-based Smartphone

Tim Maytom

samsung zSamsung has announced the first mobile phone designed to run on its Tizen OS, the Samsung Z.

The Samsung Z features a 4.8" HD screen and built-in fingerprint sensor. It will be available in Russia between July and September this year, with plans to launch it in other markets later, although Samsung has not announced which markets or a time frame for the rollout.

The introduction of a Tizen smartphone marks the company's latest attempt to move away from reliance on Android and create its own ecosystem.

Samsung has already switched from using Android to Tizen in their latest range of smartwatches, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, unveiled at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The company also revealed it will be releasing a software development kit for Tizen-based smart TV sets in early July.

However, whether Tizen will be able to compete with the dominance of Android - and whether this is even Samsung's intention - remains to be seen.