Scoreloop and CSL Launch Android Social Games

David Murphy

Hong Kong mobile operator CSL has launched a social games service built using Scoreloop’s mobile social gaming platform.

The service is available now to any CSL customer with an Android device, and can be accessed via a gaming centre app which can be downloaded for free, and which is also being pre-installed on selected handsets.

Scoreloop has integrated into two branded services offered by CSL, namely,1O1O and one2free, which deliver an integrated social gaming experience. Players can connect with friends and other gamers a well as search and download new games via a branded Android gaming centre. The launch games offered on the service have been chosen from the hundreds of Android games already using Scoreloop, and all offer a connected gaming experience. The service includes a mix of paid-for and freemium games.

This is the first time that an operator has deployed an end-to-end solution using Scoreloop to deliver not only the social and connected features, but also an embedded app, games store and content catalogue. By tightly integrating all aspects of the service, Scoreloop has been able to deliver a superior user experience whilst ensuring that all the games on the service are proven, fun to play and offer great value to players.

“Many consumers still look to their mobile operator for new and engaging experiences, and with this launch CSL has brought social gaming to a much bigger audience through this integrated approach, says Scoreloop CEO, Marc Gumpinger. “As social mobile gaming continues to grow at an incredible rate, more and more mobile operators are seeing the potential for launching their own branded services, and with this, launch CSL has positioned itself as a pioneer of social mobile gaming.”

Another first for Scoreloop and CSL is the way in which in-app purchases and billing have been integrated into CSL’s billing platform to create a seamless experience. If a player decides to make an in-app purchase, such as extra levels or in-game currency, the Scoreloop platform detects those being made by a CSL customer and instantly routes the transaction via CSL’s own platform, billing the customer directly.