See (more of) Me TV

David Murphy

Rumours reach Mobile Marketing that mobile network 3's
See Me TV service, launched late last year, is proving extremely
popular with its customers. See Me TV enables 3s customers to shoot
short videos on their handset and upload them to a dedicated section of
the 3 website. There is a charge of 50p for each clip uploaded, and in
doing so, the user assigns the copyright to 3. In return, the uploader
receives 1p each time the clip is downloaded to another 3 handset.

If the rumours are to be believed, one lucky contributor allegedly
received a cheque for a sum adjacent to 1,300 recently, for one
months downloads of a clip she sent in. Anyone with a head for maths
or a good calculator wont need us to tell them that amounts to a total
of 130,000 downloads. Nice work if you can get it.

So what was this amazing clip? Aliens on Oxford Street? A flying pig?
Nothing so surreal, just a woman exposing her breasts. The rumour seems
extremely plausible if you get hold of a 3 handset and investigate the
See Me TV section. Navigate to the Rude Stuff section (so at least
you know what to expect), and the top two clips, this morning at least, were
Get Them Out sent in by 34D Babe and Open Robe sent in by someone
who prefers to remain anonymous.

With uncanny foresight, 3 executives did say at the launch of the
service last year that while 1p per download didnt sound much, a
popular clip that was downloaded, say 100,000 times, could start to
make a customer something more than pocket money. Maybe they knew
something we didnt. They certainly picked the right name.

Interestingly, the terms and conditions on the 3 website include the following statements:

'Dont strip naked, nobody wants to see your bits on their handset.'  And:
'No defamatory, pornographic and (sic) racist material.'
Looks like whoever's job it is to police all this has been busy doing something else.