Sennari PrizePlay for t-zones

David Murphy

T-Mobile  has launched Sennari's PrizePlay gaming service on its t-zones service under a new dedicated Play for Prizes category. The PrizePlay titles include Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders,  Triple Towers (Solitaire), Mahjong, Star Trek, Poker Battle and Goldenballs (Pachinko).
PrizePlay is a suite of games designed using a pay-per-play model, with in-game prizes to encourage repeat play.  Built on Sennari's proprietary mCRM platform, PrizePlay offers real-time game interaction; in-game transactions that involve storing points, currencies, tokens, or coupons; pay-per-play or tournament style gaming models; and in-game prizing.
To encourage T-Mobile users to try PrizePlay, up until 2 October, whenever someone plays a PrizePlay game on T-Mobile, they are automatically entered into a daily prize draw to win an Apple iPod Nano. Users receive one entry into the draw for every game they play.
PrizePlay games are a breakthrough in connected gaming, says T-Mobile UK Content Manager for Games & Gambling, Neil Holroyd. The games are extremely addictive and provide great entertainment for the casual gamer."
PrizePlay games are available for download from the Play for Prizes section on t-zones. Customers pay for each game, which is billed directly via their phone bill, for the opportunity to earn Bling, which can be redeemed for prizes. Users pay 3 to download the game, which has inclusive tokens. Additional tokens cost 50p each when bought in packs. 5 bundles includes two extra tokens. Players can win digital downloads, electronic goods and high street retail gift certificates. Prizes are redeemed directly from the mobile game, via the web or via t-zones Play for Prizes page.

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