Sky Mobile releases break-up song with Lady Leshurr

Gabby Fernie

Sky Mobile has partnered with British rapper Lady Leshurr to release the break-up track ‘Time to 65075’, in order to raise awareness of its Text To Switch service. 

A survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by Sky Mobile revealed that when it comes to nursing a broken heart, more than half (53 per cent) listen to music to get over an ex, increasing to 72 per cent for those aged 18-24. A quarter (25 per cent) of respondents also have a go-to break up song and will listen to it on average 16 times, at the height of heartbreak.

Lady Leshurr's new track centres around the premise of ‘Text to Switch’ – an initiative that allows people to dump their current mobile network provider and switch to Sky Mobile by texting PAC to 65075.

Encouraging Brits that it’s “best to ditch, text to switch”, Lady Leshurr’s summer anthem reminds listeners that it’s never been easier to move onto something better: “dump ya network and ya ex over text”.

The music video accompanying the track that sees Leshurr pay homage to some of the greatest relationship tracks of all time, from texting in excel for Nelly & Kelly’s ‘Dilemma’ to channeling her Sasha Fierce for Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

“Time to 65075 is the break-up anthem we all need this summer to help us dance to a fresh start. Now's the time to try something new, simply text PAC to 65075 to switch and Sky Mobile has got you covered” said Managing Director at Sky Mobile, Paul Sweeney.