Snapchat Introduces Group Messaging Feature

Tyrone Stewart

snapchat phoneSnap Inc – formerly Snapchat – has introduced a 16 person group messaging feature, along with two new creative tools, to its Snapchat app.

The new Groups feature enables up to 16 friends to chat and send media between themselves. The messages sent to groups are deleted after 24 hours and Snaps can only be opened and replayed once by each recipient. If a Snap is unopened, it will still be deleted after 24 hours.

The feature also includes an easy way to initiate a one-to-one conversation with one of the members of the group – letting people simply click on a friend’s name and jumping straight into a chat.

The two creative tools introduced are Scissors and Paintbrush. Scissors can be used to cut out part of a Snap on the preview screen and turn it into a sticker, which is then stored in the sticker drawer. The Paintbrush can be used on any Snaps in Memories to turn ‘a Snap into an artistic masterpiece’.