Snapchat has a high unique usership, with 35 per cent not using Facebook daily

Tyrone Stewart

SnapchatA large number of Snapchat’s user base are unique to the social app, and do not use any of the other major social platforms on a daily basis.

According to research from business intelligence company App Annie, 35 per cent of Snapchat users in the US do not use Facebook on a daily basis. This number grows to 46 per cent for Instagram, 58 per cent for Messenger, 61 per cent for YouTube, 81 per cent for Twitter, and 93 per cent for WhatsApp.

In the UK, however, there is far more overlap. Here, App Annie found there to be 31 per cent of Snapchat users not using Facebook on a daily basis. Meanwhile, both Instagram and WhatsApp sit at 37 per cent, Messenger 44 per cent, YouTube 53 per cent, and Twitter 77 per cent.

Despite the slightly better figures in the UK, it still shows that there are a high number of people who will dedicate most of their time to one social app, rather than switching back-and-forth between several. This is also something marketers must take note of.

“Painting a picture of your audience with broad strokes could be a costly and time-consuming mistake,” said Kate Donahue, senior manager for content marketing at App Annie. “Instead, learn your users’ app habits to learn more about their communication style, media preferences and, most importantly, where they’re spending the majority of their time.

“In the new digital economy, time is money. Put your money where users are spending their time.”