Spotify launches AR effect on Instagram for Headie One

David Murphy

Spotify has launched its first branded Instagram AR camera effect. The effect, created by Byte, has been designed for rapper, Headie One. Echoing artwork from the artist’s new Music x Road mixtape, the AR effect lets fans place the album cover’s reflective mask over their own face, along with a tattoo over their chest.

The effect was created after Facebook opened up its Spark AR Instagram Beta to brands earlier this month, allowing be a move that allows brands, as well as Instagram users, to create camera effects within Instagram. Byte has developed multiple camera effects and lenses for a range of artists on Snapchat.

“We're always looking for new ways to bring our artists' visions to life, and the new Instagram effect features felt like a great opportunity to achieve this,” said Spotify’s UK social marketing manager, Fraser Stapleton. “It also gives fans an interesting way to show their love through unique shareable experiences, so it serves both sides of our marketplace.”