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Spotify partners with Shopify to enable artists to sell direct from the music streaming platform

David Murphy

Spotify has announced a partnership with Shopify that will enable artists to showcase and sell products that expand beyond traditional merchandise. By connecting their Spotify for Artists accounts with their Shopify online stores, artists can sync their product catalogues and seamlessly showcase products of their choice directly on their Spotify profiles, making it easy for fans to browse and buy.

Shopify offers artist-entrepreneurs access to an all-in-one commerce platform to manage their brands across multiple touchpoints including leading social and entertainment channels and marketplaces, and now also, Spotify.

“For many fans, Spotify is the primary way they interact with an artists' music, and we are excited to give artists a new way to capitalize on that moment,” said Camille Hearst, Head of Spotify for Artists. “We want to provide artists with as many resources as possible to help turn listeners into fans, fans into superfans and, ultimately, help artists earn more. The integration of Shopify's powerful backend for powering commerce presents a significant step forward in our efforts to help artists maximize additional revenue streams and give them agency over their careers.”

For new artists, Shopify is an easy-to-use, all-in-one commerce platform to start, grow and manage their brands, giving merchants access to an ecosystem of apps and services, like print-on-demand and product discovery; for artists with large followings and pre-existing businesses, Shopify’s world- infrastructure can handle high volumes of traffic, key sales moments, and highly anticipated product drops.

The channel is available to artists in 177 countries, and available to listeners in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. New and existing artists can sign up for Shopify’s Spotify channel using Spotify for Artists.