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Survey Assesses Mobile Youth Culture

David Murphy

Juniper Research  has released its Mobile Youth Culture Survey. The survey considers the key issues surrounding mobile use among young consumers, gauging opinions from over 300 respondents, including young consumers, parents and teachers.
The survey runs ot over 80 pages, with more than 100 charts. Issues considered include  crime and  security threats from 'over age' sites; awareness and incidences of bullying, mugging, theft and 'happy slapping'; relative importance reasons for owning a mobile; the capacity of young people to manage without a mobile for one week, and for an indefinite period; purchasing and spending patterns; age upon acquiring a first mobile; geographical distribution opinion and estimation of mobile phone spend; time spent using a mobile; and concerns over safety.
Juniper says the report is an ideal reference source for researchers, strategists and profilers of dynamics concerned with mobile youth culture, offering a privileged insight into the minds of a cross-section of society intimately involved with todays mobile youth culture.
The survey costs 270 for a single-user licence, 370 for a multi-user (2-5-user) licence, or 470 for an enterprise-wide licence.
You can get an overview of the survey here. Download a brochure here. Or get a complimentary Whitepaper here.