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Swatch is preparing for a smartwatch OS battle with Google and Apple

Tyrone Stewart

Swatch is developing its own smartwatch operating system as it seeks to take on Android and iOS at the game where previous triers have failed.

According to Bloomberg, the Swiss watch maker – which owns 18 brands including its namesake, Omega, Tissot and Longines – will introduce a Tissot model toward the end of 2018 featuring its own operating system.

The company aims for its operating system to require less battery power, than the powerhouses it is challenging, and is working on it protecting data better.

Swatch says it is willing to offer its operating system to third parties, and has claimed to have received ‘about 100 requests for more information’ – some coming from smaller Silicon Valley companies that do not want to rely on Android and iOS.

This latest announcement from Swatch comes after it created ‘the world’s smallest Bluetooth chip’ earlier this month for use in watches and household objects.