TabMo and Adsquare partner to combine 'drive to store' ads with real-time measurement

Tim Maytom

Creative mobile DSP provider TabMo and mobile data exchange Adsquare have teamed up to launch a new mobile ad solution that enables marketers to combine drive-to-store ad formats with real-time measurement of uplift in footfall, giving brands instant insights into the power of their campaign.

The 'Branding to Store' mobile solution has been built to meet the needs of TabMo's retail brand clients and agencies, and will be made available through Hawk, the firm's self-service creative mobile demand-side platform.

The solution aims to simplify the creative process by enabling advertisers to build their ads directly within the ad platform. Adsquare's data and analysis then separates organic store visits from those generated directly by the mobile ad, providing retailers with a true figure for their ROI.

The ad format that is served to consumers includes a rich media brand message and a GPS map that can direct them along the best route from their current location to their nearest store.

"Mobile advertising is entering a new era which offers unprecedented opportunities for retailers," said Hakim Metmer, co-founder of TabMo. "'Branding to Store' combines programmatic, creativity, transparency and efficiency in one easy-to-use feature for the first time, giving retail marketers a head start when it comes to running effective and innovative mobile campaigns."