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Taboola and Reddit partner to help publishers keep their finger on the pulse

Tim Maytom

Native advertising and content discovery platform Taboola has announced a partnership with message board and 'frontpage of the Internet' Reddit that aims to provide publishers with improved methods for participating in trending news.

The partnership will alert publishers using Taboola's newsroom application when their stories stard trending on Reddit and enable them to participate seamlessly in trending threads that relate to their stories and areas of expertise.

Taboola's newsroom app already provides editorial teams using it with actionable data about how story headlines, thumbnail images and story placements are being consumed in real-time. The new partnership will integrate Reddit insights into this data, providing editors with more context for when particular stories take off.

"Because our engaged user base is often the first to start meaningful conversations about news online, we anticipate the Taboola partnershup will be extremely valuable for editors and newsrooms looking to uncover content trends and track the resonance of their own content within Reddit communities," said Alex Riccomini, director of business development and media partnerships at Reddit.

Reddit boasts more than 330m monthly active users, 9m monthly post submissions and 2.5m comments per day, making it both a deeply engaged audience for news and a slightly intimidating prospect for news organisations to track and follow.

"Data was a fad for a long time, people spent more money on it than they earned," said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola. "We now have an opportunity to use data in an actionable way, and drive growth to our business and to our customers.

"We are thrilled to enrich editors with invaluable insights about stories and readers. Our partnership with Reddit marks an important step in this journey, enabling our publisher partners using Newsroom to pick up a conversation in real time and participate in it."

The Reddit community is build around users submitting, voting and commenting on content, stories and discussions on various topics. While the various subreddits hosted on the platform cover a huge range of diverse topics, it has drawn criticism in recent years for some particularly large communities which have engaged in targeted abuse campaigns or propogated false stories.