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tado° Smart Home System Goes on Sale in Dixons and Maplin

Kirsty Styles

tadoThe smart energy monitoring device and app platform tado° is going on sale in 730 Dixons and Maplin stores, starting with a trial in 80 shops.

The company says it can save the average UK household up to 26 per cent or £200 per year with its intelligent thermostatt, which uses geo-location to understand when householders are on their way home so it can start warming up.

If every one of the UK's 24.6m households bought one, the company claims, tado° could cut the cost of the nation’s £19bn annual household heating bill by £5bn. The system can either be bought for £249.99 or, rather neatly, rented for £6.99 per month.

Going head-to-head with British Gas' Hive, and erring on the expensive side, the company emphasies the fact that it is independently owned. From tomorrow new Ofgem rules will require the utility companies to be more transparent around pricing.

The system went on sale online in the UK in November last year, 12 months after the device first went on sale in mainland Europe. The company expects sales to be worth around €30m (£25m) from the UK.

“We are responding to huge demand for tado° in households – and on their smartphones - up and down the country," said Christian Deilmann, CEO and founder of tado°. "The future is bright for smart home-energy saving devices and in tado°, customers are accessing the smartest, most hassle-free way to heat their homes while saving on energy costs."